About Us

Know what we’re about and our approach to business


Who are we?

Her-Vill Group Corp., is an organization with its headquarters main office located in Carolina, Puerto Rico. It is a technology services provider with a focus on the small to mid-tier technology service market. In its first three months of operation, a good group of customers and prospects from business sectors like finances, government, communications, and manufacturing have received our services giving us excellent reviews on our model of doing business and our service portfolio, relying on us for different e-business projects. We are confident that with our extensive service portfolio we are currently one of the top three-service providers in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with good reputation and an uprising profitability.

Our Goal

 Her Vill Group’s work philosophy has always been to work towards great customer satisfaction rates. We are an organization that works to support and give valuable services to our clients in a mutually beneficial price.


Customer Satisfaction Rate

What we stand for

We are…

  • The best provider of multi-vendor support services
  • The ones with total coverage in Puerto Rico, French Guiana, Guyana, Surinam and the whole Caribbean.
  • The best integrated service organization providing all levels of services with a multidisciplinary team.
  • A firm that will endure.
  • The ones that provide end to end, fast solutions.
  • Easy to do business with.
  • Those that deliver the promised.
  • Those that work to suit our client’s needs
  • The best IT service provider
  • One of the firms with the most certifications and partners in the area.

Our Mission

The Her-Vill Group mission is to build partnerships with customers, applying technology creatively, using information to improve their competitive position in the marketplace, to increase their profitability, and to help them better serve their customers. In this new environment, the corporate mission is to apply a wide range of multi-vendor technology, in partnership with

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Our Strategy

Delivering quality service and solutions to clients is the key to our success and a differentiator from our competition.  Customer satisfaction is the number one goal of Her-Vill Group as we have transformed ourselves into customer-driven, services-led company.  To strengthen its long-term focus on clients, we have created a new and powerful approach to helping clients secure a return on their information technology investments. Her-Vill Group’s “customer-oriented” method of assisting clients in information technology allows us to better serve their customers.  Specifically, our customer-oriented methods represent:

  • A philosophy with programs that put our clients first by helping them serve better their customer.
  • A consultative relationship to help define and create the information our clients needs to better serve their customer.
  • An information strategy that makes our clients customers the focal point for the effective and productive use of information technology and services.

The products and services that Her-Vill Group provides to our clients, to align information technology with business requirements (from the point of customer contact all the way to the boardroom), enable our clients to gain sustainable competitive advantage through dramatic increases in customer service and satisfaction.