Project Management Services

What is Project management?

Why does today’s world have so much emphasis in project management? The answer is simple. Daily organizations are asked to accomplish regular day-by-day tasks that do not fit the usual business. Task are specific and unique with deliverables to a need or a purpose, these are also referred to as projects. The PMI defines a project as a temporary endeavor to create a unique product or service.

The performance of a project is measured by three criteria. The time, the budget, and meeting the specification to the satisfaction of the customer. Following this HerVill Group is committed to be top guns in the project management arena by approaching the market with a well defined methodology, The Ten Step Process. This methodology is designed to provide the information necessary to successfully manage projects of all kinds.

The Ten Step Project Management Process is a methodology for managing work as a project. It is set up to be as flexible as you need to so that it  adapts to your project. Our Project Management office (PMO) provides a full spectrum of services to help our customer accomplish project on time and within the speculated budget, these are:

  • Project management services for: e-business, system, software testing, telecommunications, and integration 
  • Project facilitator
  • Project audits
  • Project quality assurance
  • Project management for executives
  • Negotiation Skills for PM
  • Microsoft Project 2000 certification
  • Training

Contract Management

Commercial and government contracting is going through a revolution with all the new changes and adoptions as a requirement for a streamlined approach to contracting. In commercial and government contracting, the market place is global, making contract management a vital function and a powerful activity that contribute to the success and growth of every organization. As changes moves through contracting, as procedures are streamlined, energized and more efficient, you need to define how to do more with less in the least amount of time with the lowest cost possibly yet not compromising the qualitative value of the work, in other words you need to define your efficiency and effectiveness. HerVill Group’s Contracting Services will help you maintain the pace with those impacting changes. Our group of highly experienced professional are ready to help you and your organization with their knowledge to analyze situations and solve problems therefore avoiding costly mistakes that you could suffer from.

Our expertise Information Technology contracting fall in the areas of:

  • Contract and subcontract purchasing, administration, audit and management
  • Contract pricing and negotiation
  • Contracting cheaper, faster, and better services
  • Contracting for services
  • Source selection