Our Leadership

Know the company’s administration

Head Administration

Germán Villalongo Negrón 

Chief Executive / President / Founder / Owner

Sir Villalongo brings over 28 years of technology experience to Her-Vill Group. Prior to founding Her-Vill, he was a Global Service Director, for Unisys specializing in areas like engineering management, network sales management and project management. He holds a Bachelor degree from the Natural Sciences faculty with concentration in physics and mathematics and also holds a PM master degree from George Washington University.

Edgardo Hernández Vélez

Human Resources Dept. Chairman / Attorney / Initial Investor

Dr. Hernández brings over 25 years of experiences as an attorney with in-depth skill in the areas of administration and human resources. Prior to joining Her-Vill, he was fully dedicated to the law practice and the Bar Association on Puerto Rico, He holds a Doctorate degree from the Law School of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. He is also certified by the Harvard Law School as having been a part of and aced his Post-Bachelor Lawyer Training Program.

Main Administration

Margarita Maldonado

Administrative Assistant /   Accountancy Manager / Financial Manager

Augusto Avaria

Database System Supervisor / Field Service Supervisor / Financial Assistant

Janet Rosario

Database System Manager / Field Service Coordinator