Our Partners

Her-Vill Group must, in today’s environment, provide and support a wide variety of multivendor products while maintaining our product’s and vendor’s neutral position.  No company can provide optimal solution by itself without developing temporary and immediate alliances to meet the customer’s needs and requirements. Knowing this we have business alliances with various leaders in the industry. Below are some of our partners:

Medtronic                    NEC

Unisys                    Dell

Microsoft                    IBM



       Intel-300x197                    Samsung                     


EMC                                 SAP


Her-Vill Group has entered into an alliance with Medtronic, NEC, Unisys, Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Intel, Samsung, EMC, SAP, and many other leaders in the industry to provide software and hardware support to users of their systems and products.  We provide warranty maintenance; warranty-upgrade, phone, electronic mail, and on-site technical support as well as installation and upgrade on-site services for these vendors product. Also we run IT solution services, service desks, staffing services, logistics, etc. for some of these companies.