Logistics Services

Our solution for logistics is well aligned with the changing environment in this field. We can offer services and support in areas like:

Warehouse management

All warehouses perform similar types of activities. You receive inventory, put it away, sort it out and ship it. The terminology may change, but the concepts are the same. Her-Vill Group is a reseller of an excellent model of warehouse management system; one where you can have computer, hardware and software to help maximize the efficiency and accuracy of these tasks. All of the inventory is recorded in computer databases and all activities performed against and in favor to that inventory. Most importantly, information about your inventory and warehouse activities is available in real time through our system! If a pallet is being moved to a staging area for shipping a good WMS will show the pallet status as: In Transit, that’s how accurate and precise our logistics system works.

In addition to offering real-time information and increased accuracy, a higher-level warehouse management system will actually direct warehouse workers activities to maximize his/her efficiency. A WMS can also reduce empty travel (fork truck movement with no inventory being moved) by interleaving picks and put ways as well as many other benefits…

Some common benefits to implementing a WMS would be:

  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Improved customer service
  • Better space utilization
  • Increased efficiency & ROI

Her-Vill Group also represents various top warehouse management systems in all price ranges. Give us a call to our headquarters main phone, 1(787) 777 0703, and present us your needs so that we may help you find the one that best fits your operation.

Inventory tracking

Sometimes a warehouse management system is more than what you need in both function and price. If your operation can’t justify the expense of a WMS, we can still help you to improve your inventory accuracy and overall warehouse efficiency with an inventory tracking system. Our Inventory tracking software is a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use real-time inventory control solution. Now even small and mid-sized companies can realize the benefits of automatic data collection. Benefits of this inventory control solution include: increased labor productivity, improved inventory accuracy, and better customer service. Her-Vill’s solution is an ideal solution for small to medium sized warehouse applications in manufacturing, distribution, retail, government, and healthcare.


Her-Vill Group’s marketing strategy of putting our customer first at all times, makes service to its clients the number one goal. Service is the key that makes the difference between a great system and an average system. We provide integration services in two categories: engineering and project management. For those clients that need help developing their system requirements and design, we offer our experience to assist in concept and design. We offer complete project management from the start of the project through the completion and beyond, with lifetime support services (If interested, you can check out the Project Management Service in the Services page). Her-Vill Group offers true turnkey solutions to their clients.

 Logistic Consulting

Our team of graduate engineers has experience in automated systems and warehouse management since 1987. Our staff has directed the design and installation of a wide variety of systems. We want to use that experience to help you achieve peak performance for your facility.

Her –Vill Group has an excellent team of system’s people. No other organization in the Caribbean can compare with the individual backgrounds and experienced personnel that we bring to you and your enterprise. Not only do we have software packages to meet your  needs, but also we have the expertise and experience to apply them to your unique requirements.

Repair Services 

We provide service for most of the major brands of PC, servers, notebook computers, laptop computers, printers. and internet appliances. Our highly trained engineers and technicians are kept up to date and certified on the latest technology developments.

Dedicated Services

As a Her-Vill Group customer you will be assigned a dedicated account manager highly trained in a wide variety of products, offering superior level personalized service which is unheard of and uncommon in today’s computer industry but we offer only the best for our customers. You won’t adapt to your service, your service will adapt to you.


Her Vill’s CUSTOMIZED® program is made for many types of customers, amongst these: health care, education, government, corporations, small businesses, and consumers. Our account managers can put together cost-saving service solutions for any budget.

Aptivas, IBM, Apple, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Sony, VAIO, Toshiba, SGI Sun, Hewlett Packard, etc.


Our prices starts from $69.00(+parts price) with your failing unit carry-on to your operation center, and $55.00/hours going to your location from the Metropolitan area in Puerto Rico, this service has a minimum price, $110.00, two (2) hours.